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Bridgepoint   |   The Point  |   December 2022   |   Issue 41
Intelligent Investing from Bridgepoint

William Jackson, Chairman, Bridgepoint

Brave new world


Remember Frankenstein foods? The idea that genetically modified produce would devastate the environment, wreak havoc with biodiversity and put us all in danger. That argument raged across Europe for years and continues in some quarters to this day. Gene-edited produce is far more sophisticated, however, and it could help to solve one of the most pressing problems facing society – how to ensure that the world’s 8 billion people have enough to eat, when temperatures are rising, droughts are increasing and concerns about food security are escalating. We explore this technology in ‘Green genes’.  Read more…

Ins & outs

Bridgepoint news

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Bridgepoint buys online marketing specialist MiQ

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Bridgepoint buys into transport solutions group PTV

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Merger creates powerful sports e-commerce platform

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Inspired Thinking Group wins support for expansion

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Risk mitigation firm HKA sold off after significant growth

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French property outfit moves on

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How to grow
more food for less

When attempts were made to introduce genetically modified crops in the 1990s, they were quickly labelled Frankenstein foods. However, gene-edited produce is very different. The technology has received widespread support, it could solve multiple environmental challenges and it offers clear business opportunities for forward-thinking firms.  Read more…

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Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on public transport networks around the world. Most have yet to recover and widespread adoption of hybrid working suggests that traditional patterns of travel may never return. But fresh ideas are being launched to lure passengers back to the networks. Read more…


In focus
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Subscription-based businesses were considered unassailable throughout the pandemic. But this year, as economic conditions tightened, subscriptions started to fall. Some firms have continued to thrive, however. So what is the secret of their success? Read more…

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no chain.jpg

Supply chains are beset with multiple challenges, including rising costs, recurrent shortages and geopolitical tensions. Such issues present opportunities, however, with those in the vanguard of the industry using technology to drive tangible change. ​ Read more…


No chain,
no gain

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concrete plans_b.jpg

Buildings account for around 40 per cent of global emissions, yet they have escaped much of the attention and criticism levelled at other industries over recent years. Now, attitudes are shifting among property developers, construction firms and their customers. Firms in the forefront of change stand to benefit. ​ Read more…



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Last word
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Call options

Simple mobile phones once seemed like the epitome of sophistication. Today, not only have the number of devices proliferated, but the methods of communication too. Rob Orchard, founder of slow journalism magazine Delayed Gratification, considers how to sort your Zoom from your Zulip, when to go for BlueJeans and what FaceTime has to offer in the 2020s.  Read more…

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