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Bridgepoint   |   The Point   |   November 2020   |   Issue 38

Staying power

No one likes to feel irrelevant, yet that is what is happening to many businesses. In a world where tastes and habits are changing faster than ever, companies, products and services are under constant threat. That’s why this edition of The Point explores how businesses can protect themselves from slow obsolescence by following some strategic rules and avoiding inertia (see Moving on up).


Also in this issue, we ask why instant gratification does not always equate to greater satisfaction (see All in good time). Intriguingly, there can be value in making customers wait. Some brands have turned this to their commercial advantage by not rushing fulfilment, making anticipation a key part of their product or service.


In Living in the city, we examine how the coronavirus pandemic could provide a stage for new forms of urban organisation and collective intelligence, including the “15-minute city”, focused on smaller neighbourhood ecosystems where most daily tasks are within a 15-minute reach on foot or by bike. It’s something to think about in these times.


In most parts of the world, companies had become used to the idea that they could access foreign markets, both for sourcing supplies and exporting their products to. They built global value chains geared towards minimising cost and ensuring just-in-time delivery. Protect and survive considers whether these supply chains are fit for purpose in the new world order.


Lord Patten, a senior adviser to Bridgepoint, shares his perspective on the impact of online teaching at many of our universities in University challenge and wonders whether it produces better graduates for employers.


The Ins & Outs section of this edition highlights recent investments and realisations made by Bridgepoint funds. These include the successful sales of Rovensa and Miya in Spain and Portugal respectively, as well as two businesses from our lower-middle-market fund, BDC – BigHand in the UK and KGH in Sweden. BDC is also acquiring a minority stake in Sendinblue, a France-based digital marketing platform. And there is news about a Bridgepoint acquisition, too: EQT Credit has merged with Bridgepoint Credit, accelerating at a stroke our ambitions for this part of the business.


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William Jackson

is managing partner

of Bridgepoint


November 2020

Issue 38

Published by



Joanne Hart


Bagshawe Associates

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