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Bridgepoint   |   The Point   |   March 2022   |   Issue 40

Change your mind

Most of us would like to be smarter, faster and more insightful than we are. But would we be prepared to have microchips inserted into our brains to become superhuman? Some people have already gone under the knife and, according to the most gung-ho supporters of ‘brain computer interfaces’, it is only a matter of time before everyone will want one. In ‘Brain waves’, we explore this technology and consider whether and how it can transform people’s lives.


Millions of workers are taking a grittier approach to life transformation – they are demanding more from their employers, or quitting their jobs entirely. ‘Labour force’ considers changes in the workplace from the perspective of the employer and employee, and questions how companies can use this time to their best advantage.


Businesses face challenges from an ecological perspective, too, as regulators, investors, customers and yes, employees, all demand that companies reduce their carbon footprints and become more sustainable. Some business leaders are embracing this trend; others worry about how it might affect their bottom line. In ‘Smart reduction’, we assess how firms can improve their environmental credentials and drive growth at the same time.


The retail industry has been forced to think particularly hard about growth, amid rapid shifts in consumer habits that have reshaped the sector. But even though many predicted the pandemic would spell the end for physical stores, the truth is far more multilayered, as The Point discusses in ‘Channel hopping’.


Bridgepoint has been busier than ever since the previous edition of The Point. In July, we became a public company, listing on the London Stock Exchange, to further our growth as a global alternative asset manager.


We have completed multiple investments and exits since then. As we highlight in ‘Ins & outs’, we have made some exciting acquisitions, such as PTV Group, which specialises in tech-enabled traffic management products; Achilles, which uses technology expertise to facilitate supply chain management; and Fenergo, a leading provider of software solutions for the financial services industry. We have also achieved several significant divestments, including Element Material Technology and Miller Homes, among others.  


And finally, for anyone who has been tempted to invest in a non-fungible token, we unpick this red-hot market in ‘Is it art?


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William Jackson

is chairman of Bridgepoint


March 2022

Issue 40

Published by



Joanne Hart


Bagshawe Associates

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