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Bridgepoint   |   The Point   |   December 2019   |   Issue 36
Intelligent Investing from Bridgepoint

Who cares, wins


For many years, scant attention was paid to loyalty in the workplace. Now, businesses are realising it can make a meaningful difference to staff retention, productivity and customer service


Best in class

Even as consumers opt for greater value in their everyday purchases, many are also looking for premium products and services – seeking out goods that either are better than the rest or offer other, less tangible, qualities. This move towards premiumisation presents clear opportunities for consumer- and business-facing companies. 

The interview

Alternative thinking

Tim McLoughlin joined PEI Media in October 2008, as the world was plunging into financial crisis. He knew nothing about financial markets, yet the alternative assets information business has grown exponentially under his stewardship. 


Lifestyle 2.0

As climate change moves increasingly into the spotlight, there is a growing awareness that consumers need to alter their behaviour – radically. While some companies might baulk at the prospect, it presents a number of opportunities for smart-thinking businesses.


Testing, testing

Product testing is a process in transition. Once almost exclusively carried out in-house, there is a growing tendency to outsource it to specialists in the field. Looking ahead, growth is expected to accelerate across the industry as supply chains lengthen and regulations become more stringent.  

In focus

It’s private

Almost every company starts off in private hands, and today, more and more are staying that way, as owners take the view that such businesses benefit from increased agility, greater flexibility and the ability to take a long-term perspective. But is this a temporary phenomenon or a more permanent trend? 

Last Word

The power and the glory

As consumers, we are used to companies advertising their wares and advising us on how to make the most of our lives. Today, however, a new breed of advertiser has sprung up – “influencers” on social media, telling us what to like and how to behave. Lara Prendergast, assistant editor of The Spectator, asks:  why should we believe them? 

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