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Intelligent Investing from Bridgepoint

Storytelling has been part of the human experience for millennia. Now it has moved into the business arena – and compelling narrative has become an essential plank of commercial success. Read more…

Why narrative



William Jackson | Managing partner of Bridgepoint

Tales of our times

At a time when the world struggles to make sense of Covid-19, the ability to tell a compelling narrative has never been more relevant and important. Today, storytellers, be they politicians or business leaders, have an opportunity to create a lasting connection with their electorate or customer base. In this edition of The Point, we explore how effective brands are forging emotional ties with their customers (see Tell me a story).

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ins & outs

Bridgepoint news

Bridgepoint acquires leading

drug components group

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BDC invests in fast-expanding

Nordic dental group

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French financial adviser gains

support from BDC

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Life insurance broker wins

capital investment

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to disagree

Disagreement in the workplace can prove disruptive, arguably more so now than ever. Yet discussion, debate and disagreement are critical tools, as companies strive to avoid complacency and drive development. How can businesses strike the right balance? Read more…

The interview

Making a mark

Jean-Luc Robert has been an entrepreneur all his working life. In 2004, he acquired Kyriba, then a struggling firm with 10 employees. Today, this Bridgepoint-backed business is the global leader in active liquidity management, with more than 2,200 customers and 800 staff. But Robert’s interests spread far beyond finance. Read more…


Digital transformations frequently end in failure, often catastrophically so, but it does not have to be that way. When businesses focus on what really matters – their people – success rates soar. Read more…

Culture shock

In focus

While mass production is an intrinsic feature of modern life, many consumers are now looking for something different: finely made goods that combine the best of personal craftsmanship and cutting-edge tools. Read more…

Crafting a connection


In today’s world, most stakeholders would expect businesses of every hue to highlight their environmental credentials. But the truth is rather different. Read more…

Hidden virtues

Last word

Wellness was barely even a word until it became a global phenomenon. Now,

attitudes are changing fast. As Monocle senior correspondent Rob Bound

suggests, wellness seems at best irrelevant, at worst offensive. Read more…

Well out of order

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